Confinement Meal


What is Confinement?

Chinese Postpartum Confinement, Zuo Yue Zi, or sitting the month is a Chinese tradition for Chinese postpartum women who follow strict confinement rules for the whole month after giving birth to a child for the purpose of recuperating.

The whole confinement can be divided into different periods:
First Week

After physiological changes during pregnancy as well as blood loss during childbirth, confinement is the best time to restore and revitalize mother’s health especially during the first week which is a critical moment for women postpartum recovery. To replenish the body’s Qi and nourish the blood reserves, mothers need to consume proper and nutritious healthy balanced diet in order to strengthen the body's ability to repair tissues and prevent future postpartum complications and illnesses.

Second Week
The second week postpartum diet should increase calcium intake to strengthen bones and prevent postpartum back pain in future. Besides, it’s the best time to increase breast milk production thus breastfeeding mothers may consume foods that can boost breast milk secretion.

Third & Fourth Week
As the physiological function gradually improving at third and fourth week after childbirth, mothers have to reinforce in replenishing and nourishing the Qi and blood in the body to aid the recovery process and restore bodily function. In addition, mothers can also strengthen on tonic foods in order to nourish vitality, strengthens physique after childbirth and also boost mother immune system for long term well-being.