This Non-Contact Thermometer is proven to be clinically accurate and allows you to measure a person’s body temperature without touching them. This means that when your child is sick, you can take their temperature hygienically, without waking or disturbing them. It can also be used to measure the temperature of a room and other objects such as food, bath water and bottled milk.

The Non-Contact Thermometer has a backlit LCD screen for convenient night time use. The screen is also colour coded, changing with the reading taken, which means it will tell you at a glance if your baby has a raised temperature or not. The thermometer automatically stores the last 32 readings taken so that you can keep track of any temperature changes.

Unlike some other thermometers, there is no ongoing cost from purchasing probe covers and the thermometer has an automatic shut-off feature, prolonging the battery life.

This non-contact thermometer has been developed using the latest infrared technology. This technology allows a forehead temperature to be taken from a distance of about 5-8 cm (2–3 inches). The thermometer provides a no risk, instantaneous and accurate temperature measurement. As with all types of thermometers it is essential to use this thermometer properly to obtain reliable results. Please read this instruction manual and follow the directions carefully.